Mail Order Bride Hot Women The Epitome of Sexuality – Hot Brazilian Women

The Epitome of Sexuality – Hot Brazilian Women

25 May 2022
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Last Updated on March 3, 2023

It’s amazing how many interesting things are revealed in life when a new stage begins. For example, last year you broke up with your girlfriend, whom you dated for several years. It was a joint decision because your relationship has reached an impasse. You both understood that you have different personalities and interests. Sometimes it even seemed like a joke, because you could not pick up names for your future children.

Well, the end of one stage always means the beginning of the next. And you started an active life, changed your hairstyle, began to lead a more active lifestyle, and play sports. Moreover, you even went with the team to the beach volleyball competitions (your new passion) in Brazil. And here you were simply amazed by the beauty of local women. Even though you are staying in a small town, the number of charming Brazilian women was very large. You watched with delight the sexy Brazilian beauties.

Moreover, now you understand where you will look for your soul mate. However, this is not surprising, because many men around the world are delighted with the gorgeous Brazilian beauties. In our article, we created a top of beautiful women in Brazil. Each of these girls can win your heart.

Rating Top 13 Hottest Brazilian Girls

Brazil is not only the largest country in South America by area and the fifth country in the world by population, famous for its dances and festivals. It is also a real storehouse of personnel for modeling agencies and beauty contests because it is here that the sexiest women in the world live. Brazilian ladies are a real national treasure of the country of the hot sun, Copacabana, carnivals, and minimalist bikinis. In this review, we have compiled the top 13 sexy Brazilian chicks.

Gisele Bundchen

  • 41 years old;
  • Horizontina;
  • Model;

One of the hottest Brazilian models known all over the world. Many pay attention to her unique appearance, and this is not surprising. After all, a Brazilian girl also has German genes. With outward slenderness and slenderness, Giselle has incredibly sexy forms and curves. Like a creeper, it is fantastically flexible, while possessing the qualities of a classic model: slenderness, long legs, and a face on which you can draw any images. An important feature of the Brazilian girl is long brown hair, slightly burnt out in the sun. The popular effect is copied by millions of women around the world. Her name is regularly included in the lists of the sexiest and most beautiful women on the planet – FHM, Maxim, GQ, Playboy magazines and many others always give Gisele Bundchen leading positions in the ratings. In 2006, the Brazilian magazine IstoÉ Gente named her the most influential Brazilian woman.

Alessandra Ambrosio

  • 41 years old;
  • Ereshin;
  • Model;

Another hot Brazilian woman who conquered millions of men around the world. Not surprisingly, her Instagram account has several million followers. The whole world calls her simply Alé – the beauty is so famous that additional designations are simply not required. Interestingly, this charming woman has not only Brazilian but also Polish and Italian roots. Possessing a luxurious body with ideal parameters, typical of the most beautiful Brazilian ladies, she did not just become a cover girl for men’s magazines, since an amazing intelligent face with delicate features of incredible beauty required a more serious attitude. It is this Brazilian charming woman that many experts call canonical beauty and supermodel. Even for Brazil, her beauty is beyond the competition – Alessandra is the longest-legged model in South America. The Brazilian girl is best known as one of the leading “angels” of Victoria’s Secret lingerie empire – she became the first model of the Pink line of Victoria’s Secret brand. In addition, she has been the face of brands such as Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

Adriana Lima

  • 40 years
  • El Salvador
  • Model

If you ask us about one of the sexiest women, then we will show you Adriana Lima. After all, this girls has one of the best Brazilian bodies – everything is here: slender legs, large breasts, ideal proportions. The woman is included in the list of the highest-paid models in the world and is also recognized as one of the sexiest women on the planet. It is she, with her bright appearance, who is the real personification of the colorful and juicy beauty of Brazilian girls. Also, Adriana is known as one of the “angels” of Victoria “s Secret. In addition, she poses for the most prestigious Pirelli calendar, and is also the face of the Guess brand – the girl is usually invited by brands that try to advertise their products as extremely sexy. Moreover, the Brazilian model is the face of Maybelline cosmetics. The beauty’s list of victories on the love front is impressive – in 2002, Adriana Lima was engaged to a black musician Lenny Kravitz, and later met with the Prince of Liechtenstein Hans-Adam II. Now the supermodel is married to Serbian basketball player Marko Jaric, playing for the NBA Memphis Grizzlies

Isabeli Bergossi Fontana

  • 38 years
  • Curitiba
  • Model

Another one from the list of Brazilian women models with a worldwide reputation. The beauty is simply idolized by both fashion photographers, who appreciate her ability for avant-garde and bold transformations, and conservatives – for the classic unbridled wild beauty of the native Brazilian woman. No wonder, because in any pictures she looks charming and sexy. The fact that the Brazilian model appeared on the pages of Victoria’s Secret catalog when she was only 16 years old caused a real-world scandal – in this way, young Lolita, who could not advertise lingerie under the rules under the age of 18, made an incredible advertisement. The Brazilian girl collaborated with brands such as H&M, Missoni, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Chanel, Emilio Pucci, Giorgio Armani, Helena Rubinstein, Hermès, Hugo Boss, La Perla, Max Mara, Miss Sixty, Oscar de la Renta, Pepe Jeans, Philips. in Brazil, Isabeli has appeared on the cover of over fifty magazines such as Marie Claire, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Woman, Cool, ELLE and Allure.

Giovanna Antonelli

  • 46 years old
  • Rio de Janiero
  • Actress

Many men consider this actress the most beautiful Brazilian woman ever. It is not surprising, because the Brazilian woman is the most titled and popular actress in the country, and in terms of the number of fan clubs, she can seriously compete with any Hollywood star of the first magnitude. The woman is an atypical Brazilian beauty: thin, slender, with long curly hair and huge dramatic eyes, she is not beautiful like the beauty of girls on the covers of a men’s magazine. At the same time, the Brazilian pretty woman conquered the whole world with the role of girls of difficult fate, who are torn between duty and the call of their passionate nature. So, the fame of the actress was brought about by the role of the call girl Kapit in the TV series “Family Ties”, and the huge world fame – the role of Zhadi in the legendary TV series “Clone” (2001), which was shown in 30 countries of the world and became the hallmark of the Globo television company. The role of a sensual, flamboyant, restless married woman in an Arab country who has experienced forbidden love made Giovanna Antonelli a #1 star in Brazil. As you know, in Brazil, TV shows are more than soap operas, they are a whole way of life, and Giovanna has become a real symbol of the era. The apotheosis of the phenomenally successful TV story was the symbolic marriage of a charming Brazilian woman and her on-screen partner in the “Clone” Murilo Benicio, for the sake of which the beauty left her first husband, advertising tycoon Ricardo Medina. After a series of short novels, the Brazilian actress gave birth to twins from director Leonardo Nogueira.

Juliana Paez

  • 43 years
  • Rio Bonito
  • Actress and TV presenter

This time the list of hot Brazilians will be replenished with an amazing woman. A beautiful lady has a slender figure and attractive forms. It is not surprising that the Brazilian Playboy offered the woman a shooting as one of the best celebrities, who can easily transform into a star of the erotic genre. It is interesting that in the veins of a Brazilian woman flows not only Brazilian blood, but also Arab, Afro, and Indian. Many note her amazing resemblance to the star of Indian cinema Aishwarya Rai. The main occupation of Juliana Paes is television. A beautiful Brazilian girl is not only a host but also a star of Brazilian TV series, without which the culture and life of this vast country are inconceivable. In Russia, the actress became famous thanks to the small role of the seductive maid Ritigny in Family Ties. The career of a Brazilian woman began with the series “Celebrity”, where she played the role of Jacqueline Joy. The peak of the actress’s career was the main role in the sensational TV series Roads of India. Filming took place for almost a month in India itself, visiting which Juliana stopped eating meat, and became interested in yoga and Indian dances.

Carolina Dieckmann

  • 44 years
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Actress

The list of beautiful women of Brazil would be incomplete without this charming blonde. She managed to conquer thousands and thousands of men’s hearts thanks to her slender figure, blue eyes, and blond hair. in her native Brazil and throughout Latin America, she became a real star after the role of Camila, a patient with leukemia, in the famous TV series Family Ties. Being of a non-athletic physique by nature, Carolina at the dawn of her career was quite curvaceous, but with age, she began to noticeably prettier – regular fitness classes, swimming, and a healthy lifestyle turned her into a real role model for every second Brazilian woman.

Raquel Zimmermann

  • 39 years
  • Bon Retiru do Sul
  • Model

Starting her career at the age of 12, Brazilian top model with Israeli roots Raquel Zimmerman became a Victoria`s Secret Angel in 2002, after which luxury brands quickly noticed her intellectual beauty – Raquel was invited to become the face of Escada. Since then, she has appeared in numerous other advertising campaigns – among them Lanvin, Balenciaga, Chanel, Max Mara, Prada, Calvin Klein, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Versace, Roberto Cavalli – and has also become one of the most famous Brazilian bikini women. In 2014, Raquel was one of the models on the cover of the anniversary Vogue Italia.

Leticia Sabatella

  • 51 years
  • Belo Horizonte
  • Actress

One of the most famous Brazilian women played Latifa, Jade’s sister, in the cult TV series Clone. In addition, in the 90s, Leticia was the sex symbol of Brazil. At the same time, the life of a Brazilian woman is so perfect that not a single scandal is associated with her name! In Brazil, she is simply idolized: she received the award “Mother of the Year” (after her birth, her daughter Clara was dying for a long time, and Leticia, along with the whole country, fought for the life of the child) and “Conscience of the country”. A beautiful Brazilian woman considers herself a spiritual, but not a religious person: the actress is engaged in spiritualism, meditation, and yoga, studies the Koran, the Gospel

Ana Paula Arosio

  • 46 years old
  • Sao Paulo
  • Actress

The charming Brazilian actress has been compared to Brooke Shields (49) and Liv Tyler (37), and is called “Brazilian Princess”. The Russian audience is known for such series as “Land of Love, Land of Hope” and “Land of Love”. For all her stardom, the actress is modest and simple. She loves to live in the countryside and has some very interesting features. For example, a charming Brazilian girl spends her free time with horses and loves to read the classics, and also studies quantum physics.

Geovanna Tominaga

  • 42 years
  • San Josu dos Campos
  • Actress and businesswoman

Charming woman with an exotic appearance. No wonder, because the girl has Brazilian and Japanese roots. She started her career in 1992. Known as the host of the TV programs Video Show and Mais Você. He has his own business for organizing wedding ceremonies.

Ana Beatriz Barros

  • 39 years
  • Itabira
  • Supermodel

Victoria’s Secret angel and lingerie face Intimissimi notes that if fate had decreed otherwise, she would have chosen the job of a veterinarian. And to be in shape, a pretty girl always tries to devote time to training. Most of all she likes fitness, exercises with a tourniquet expander, and horseback riding. The model is especially friendly with another famous girl – Alessandra Ambrosio.

Paolla Oliveira

  • 40 years
  • Sao Paulo
  • Actress

One of the pretty Brazilian women was born to a police officer and a housewife. Therefore, no one could have imagined that Paola would become an actress. The girl was not interested in theater or public performances. The beginning of her career as Brazilian beauty was the series “Prophet”, where she played the main role. In addition to acting, the girl loves to dance and even participated in the Dancing with the Stars project, where she won first place.

The 4 Secrets to Getting hot Brazilian Woman

Because first impressions mean a lot. Thanks to our review, you will be able to make the first meeting with a Brazilian girl very pleasant.

  1. Choose a good restaurant. If you want to make a surprise, then choose a place with excellent cuisine, a pleasant atmosphere, and soft music that will not interfere with your conversation with a girl.
  2. Dress appropriately. Stylish casual wear will be a perfect choice.
  3. Present. The best option for local girls is perfume, jewelry, or flowers. No need to buy an expensive gift, better give a souvenir that suits a girl in character and emphasizes beauty and inner peace.
  4. Find common topics of conversation. We recommend that you answer the girl`s questions sincerely. After all, honesty is the basis of harmonious relationships.


Well, now you know the important Brazilian women facts and you can start chatting on dating sites. Choose a quality company, register for free, and start chatting online with charming Latin girls. Good luck!

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