Mail Order Bride Hot Women Top Hot Curvy Girls in 2023: Alluring Charm

Top Hot Curvy Girls in 2023: Alluring Charm

1 July 2022
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Last Updated on March 16, 2023

Most of the strong half representatives prefer sexy curvy women. Under the yoke of the generally accepted opinion that it is not fashionable to be a sexy curvy woman, they carefully hide their addictions. Still, this is not to say about curvy hot ladies. However, sexy curvy women are well aware of this male secret. Fans of their rounded shapes always curl around them. So why is a hot curvy baby so attractive to men from different parts of the world? What makes hot curvy women so special?

No matter what tricks a successful curvy model goes for as men always prefer natural beauty. In addition to instincts, there are many other factors why curvy girls on Instagram attract the stronger sex. There is an opinion that magnificent curvy girls for marriage have a cheerful disposition, a sense of humor and are the soul of the company. This is often the case as sexy curvy women do not constantly count calories. They are not afraid to eat an extra piece and enjoy food.

In addition, curvy women from the United States are more demanding of their appearance and take good care of themselves. Of course, every sexy curvy woman has her own zest and not only happiness. Not appearance plays a major role in a relationship although this is also not an unimportant factor. Each man has his own idea of ​​the image of curvy singles. He seeks his ideal regardless of fashion and public opinion. He will be happy to have a magnificent wife against all odds.

Rating Top 13 Hottest Curvy Women

# 13 Chloe Marshall: Plus-Size Model

Chloe Marshall

Marshall is a voluptuous beauty with attractive forms and facial features. This is a stunning traditional curvy beauty that soon became the face of Plus Model Magazine in March 2010. In early 2010, a sexy curvy girl signed a contract with Ford Models.

Chloe has also shot for well-known plus-size clients such as Macy’s and Torrid. The sexy curvy babe walked in Lane Bryant’s 2011 show in Las Vegas.

The curvy beauty entered the Miss England National Final on July 18, 2008 where Marshall came in second. By winning the title of “Miss Surrey” in March 2008, she became the first model in size 16.

# 12 Whitney Thompson: Model & Actress

Whitney Thompson

Thompson is very popular in the US and other parts of the world. Ms. Thomson competed with 13 contestants to won Cycle of America’s Top Model. However, she belongs to the curvy Sexiest Girls Online. Whitney was selected as one of the House’s Top Models finalists.

Thompson being among sexy curvy girls for marriage received her first challenge during a music-themed photo shoot where she won one cover girl of the week title in the final cycle 10 photo shoot contest. In addition, Thompson competed in the final against Anya Kop where she won the title.

# 11 Toccara Jones: Top Model in Action

Toccara Jones

Toccara Jones is considered one of the sexiest Instagram stars in the US. The sexy curvy attended the Stivers School of the Arts in Dayton where the girl majored in theater and dance. The sexy curvy was honored by the NAACP in Middletown, Ohio at the Freedom Foundation gala.

Toccara Jones was the only plus-size Cycle 3 finalist where she infamously said at the casting call, “I’m big, black, pretty and I love it!”. Despite being one of the judges’ and fans’ favorites including winning the title of “Covergirl of the Week” four times, she never rose above fourth place in any of the judges’ ratings by which she tried her best to prove the sexuality of curvy ladies.

Toccara was named “Top Model in Action” in the 11th cycle. She appeared as a guest in episodes of the 12th and 14th cycles. Tyra mentioned her in the seventh episode of the 16th cycle saying that she was not mad at the elimination of Mikaela Spani after Toccara.

# 10 Mia Tyler: Public Speaker, Plus-Size Model & Actress

Mia Tyler

Mia refers to sexy curvy women. When the sexy curvy Mia was just 17 years old, the girl made a television debut playing a VJ on MTV’s House of Style. She was noticed by a fashion scout who made her a plus-size model. Soon she signed her first modeling contract with Wilhelmina Models. Over the years, the beauty Mia has appeared in Seventeen, Moxie Girl and Teen People magazines.

Mia Tylor also posed for H&M, Lane Bryant and Pennington brands. In 2005, the sexy plumper appeared on the VH1 reality Celebrity Fit Club show.

In 2006, sexy curvy was selected to participate in VH1’s Really Rich Real Estate program. BX1. In February 2009, Ms. Tyler also launched her clothing line, Revolution 1228. She was selected as one of the judges on the reality show Pretty Wicked in March 2009 aired on the Oxygen Network.

Mrs. Tylor also appeared in the only episode of season 13 of the reality show “Hell’s Kitchen”. Mia has appeared in several films and TV series including 2007’s “Rush Hour 3”, “The People Are Dead”, “A Little Lipstick”, and more. What’s more, she’s a writer and released her autobiography “Making Yourself” in 2008. Besides, Mia is an artist and held her art exhibition in several galleries in 2012 featuring her X-rated adult-themed paintings.

# 9 Barbara Brickner: Plus-Size Model

Barbara Brickner

Barbara Brickner is one of the most famous and outstanding plus-size models. The curvy woman is represented by the Ford agency in New York and the Heffner Agency in Seattle (where she was noticed by agency Bill Heffner). Barbara is considered one of the sexy curvy girls on Instagram.

Barbara Brickner has also signed to Campbell Agency in Dallas, Giovanni Models and Wolf Models and Brigitte Models in Germany as well. Ms. Brickner has also appeared in numerous editorial spreads for MODE, Grace, and Woman’s World magazines. Barbara has worked for many modeling companies around the world including Elena Miró, Reitmans, Happy Size, Bon Prix, and Adler as well; as Marks and Spencer (UK), as well as US clients such as Nordstrom, Lands’ End, CJ Banks, Kohl’s, Eddie Bauer, Catherines, Macy’s, JCPenney and Carnival Creations.

# 8 Emma Aronson: Plus-Size Model

Emma Aronson

Emma is practically one of the first sexy curvy women. Emma started her career in the 90s and immediately became an idol for women who didn’t fit into the 90-60-90 parameters. By the way, Emma started her career looking for plus-size models. She worked as a manager in an advertising company. Once she could not find a curvaceous model for shooting and decided to try her hand.

# 7 Natalie Laughlin: Plus-Size Model

Natalie Laughlin

Natalie Laughlin is a hot American plus-size model. Natalie is also known for shattering the stereotypical stigma of the perfect model. This perfect curvy woman has had a significant impact on the entire modeling industry. Such a curvy woman knows how to embrace and look beautiful. She just didn’t limit herself to a plus-size model. Natalie teaches women about healthy eating habits and how to maintain a healthy body image in any size. As a protagonist in community events, Natalie Laughlin was honored by the Academy of Eating Disorders for “breaking new trails for women” in 2002.

In addition, Natalie is recognized as the most famous star in American fashion magazines W. This curvy woman also made history by becoming the first plus-size model who hit the billboard on Times Square. Such a curvy woman conveys an inspiring message and thanks to her impressive persona, she became a role model for plus-size women.

# 6 Crystal Renn: Plus-Size Model & Writer

Crystal Renn

In many ways, Crystal is simply unique. She became the only curvy model who managed to get on the cover of ‘Harper’s Bazaar’. In addition, Renn has graced international Vogue editions four times. Renn began her career in high fashion at the age of 14. In her hometown in Mississippi, she caught the eye of a professional talent agent.

Crystal was told that the path to this business was ordered until she lost at least a third of her weight. Such a big weight loss eventually caused serious health problems. Since then, Renn has had to seriously rethink the diet and training regimen. In the end, the curvy woman stopped losing weight. No fats or carbohydrates were in her diet but this did not help the curvy woman anyway. The girl had already given up but then the agent gave the girl a new idea: to try to advertise clothes for curvy women. Gaining 70 pounds (32 kilograms), Crystal still became a curvy woman model.

# 5 Precious Lee: Plus-Size Model & Human Rights Activist

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is also on the list of the top 13 curvy women. In 6 years she became a professional model. Lee has managed to carve out her niche by bringing together modeling, human rights activists and activists in the body positivity community. She is a model and champion of fashion representation of all races, genders and sizes. Precious became the first black plus-size model and appeared in Vogue.

In addition, Precious Lee was the second non-standard model on the cover of Sports Illustrated when the magazine began working with curvy models. She constantly appears on the catwalks of high fashion and on the covers of various magazines.

# 4 Flavia Lacerda: Plus-Size Model

Flavia Lacerda

Flavia’s work as a plus-size model began with a stroke of luck. One day, when a curvy woman was riding a bus around Manhattan, the editor of the popular publication Mode approached the girl and offered cooperation as a plus-size model. It was from that moment that her previous life changed.

Flavia Lacedra has become a successful curvy lady in the modeling industry advertising trendy designer clothes and lingerie for curvy women. She works with well-known brands such as Torrid, Biluzik, Bilka, Igigi and Kmart. In addition, she works with several fashion houses, stars in commercials and participates in photo shoots. Flavia has been featured on the covers of Plus Model Magazine and Vogue, Italy.

# 3 Robyn Lawley: Plus-Size Model

Robyn Lawley

Robyn Lawley was the first full-bodied curvy model from Australia featured on the cover of Australian Cosmopolitan and Vogue. Raised in the western suburbs of Sydney, Lawley is best known for Vogue Italia, June 2011 where she was one of three models on the cover.

Robyn is the first curvy woman model to be featured in Madison (Australia) fashion magazine including on the cover. A curvy woman Lawley has graced numerous covers in Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle France as well.

Lawrey became the first plus-size model to be the leading star in an elite design campaign. Sports Illustrated named Lawley to their 2015 Rookie of the Year list and Robyn became the first plumper to advertise swimsuits in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

# 2 Jennie Runk: Plus-Size Model

Jennie Runk

Jennie graduated from Stevenson College in 2011 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in creative writing. Now the sexy girl cooperates with the Mother Model Management modeling agency. Now she participates in various photo shoots, especially in H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, Marina Rinaldi, Marie France and other brands.

This magnificent woman is one of the few who managed to achieve success. Now the hot model has 41,600 followers on Instagram and their number is growing daily. The parameters of the figure of Jenny Runk: 90-84-114, height: 175 centimeters, weight: 80 kilograms.

The curvy woman became a discovery at the age of 13 at PetSmart in Chesterfield. She volunteered at a cat center and was spotted by Mary Clark of Mother Model Management. At that time, she was wearing a size 8 in the middle between the standard measurements for a model and the plus-size category. Clarks offered the sexy girl a modeling career. However, Jennie had to lose those extra pounds for standard parameters to get the missing ones for the plus-size category. Then a girl decided to choose the second and got the kilograms to the size of 10-12.

# 1 Ashley Graham: Plus-Size Model

Ashley Graham

Ashley became the guest of honor of the beauty pageants “Miss USA 2016”, “Miss Universe”, “and Miss USA 2017”. The girl also starred in the films “Boys Club” and “Gypsy Eyes”. In addition, Ms. Graham was a judge on America’s Next Top reality show broadcast.

At 31, Ashley Graham has made her personal history. That is why a curvy woman takes first place in the list of 13 top plus-size models. Sometimes it may seem that the whole world around us revolves around the desire to lose weight, to become thinner. From everywhere it pours: “Drink detox juices and cut calories”, “Do yoga and get the perfect body”, “Try this new diet and fat will go away” and much more. You can’t say it about this excellent beauty with magnificent forms.

Every day we are constantly under stress but this is not only tiring but risky. That is why the growing popularity of curvy models in fashion magazines and on the catwalks that inspires lovers of feminine chicks so much. All in all, they show that all women are different and each is beautiful in her own way.

6 Secrets to Getting Hot Curvy Woman

  • Be self-confident. Curvy women appreciate confidence in men but not an inflated conceit. Agree that no one wants to hear a story about your virtues on a date.
  • Learn to live. Another mistake when dating curvy women is often sexism. If you even out of the best of intentions want to tell an unintelligent girl what to wear and what goals to achieve, then this will be completely inappropriate.
  • Be visible. It is impossible to please a curvy girl until she knows about your existence. Therefore, stepping out of the shadows and making acquaintances is a necessary step if you want to please sexy girls from dating sites.
  • Don’t be pushy. There are many strange stereotypes associated with courtship and modern dating. For example, a woman needs to achieve a donut as if anyone will be inflamed with passion.
  • Stop chasing. Stalking is an extreme form of persistence that borders on obsession. It can cause nothing but fear and rejection.
  • Do not cheat. Healthy relationships are built on trust. So any lie that comes out of your mouth can negatively affect your relationship. Nevertheless, it is important to understand the difference between the desire to show oneself from the best side or the desire to embellish one’s social status by hiding important information.


In our list of top curvy women, you can see only the most attractive and hot. If you get to know each of these girls better, you will understand how attractive plump women are compared to skinny ladies for marriage.

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