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Perfect Marriage: Best Country To Find A Wife

Updated on Mar 2021
by Donna Clifford
March 11, 2021
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Getting married is a huge thing. It’s one of the best moments in every person’s life. Sure, it’s extremely important to get married when you are in love. Such a nice step grants happiness and love in a marriage. But what if someone wants to meet a wife from another country.

It has been a pretty popular way to meet future wives. Men were either traveling to other countries or were using marriage agencies. If you don’t seem to like local women, or you can’t find someone meaningful, it’s a great idea to try something different and exciting. Like trying to find a wife from abroad. It worked for a lot of men, and now they are completely happy!

But what is the best country to find a wife? If you are determined to test your luck, then it’s a great idea to figure out which place attracts you the most. In this article, you may find out about certain regions which are famous for having the best foreign wives. The article also reveals interesting information about the best qualities of perfect wives. Check it out, it’s interesting!

What Are The Features Of The Best Wife

Different men have different opinions and preferences. But they all can agree on certain features of a perfect wife. Yes, some men may be attracted to independent and gorgeous ladies, others prefer getting married to housewives who would make them feel comfortable and satisfied.

The preferences are obviously diverse, but here are some traits that all men agree are best for perfect wives:

  • Loyalty and faithfulness.
  • Emotional maturity.
  • Friendliness.
  • Ability to compromise.
  • Honesty.
  • Ability to talk.

The last one (ability to talk) is one of the most important. There are multiple memes on the Internet depicting ladies who believe men can understand hints. Even though these memes are very funny and enjoyable, they depict real-life situations. Both individuals in a couple need to be able to address certain issues. If something is wrong, it’s easily fixed when two individuals communicate with each other.

Sincere and honest communication is a key to healthy relationships. That’s why emotional maturity is also important. A beautiful lady could be passionate, very energetic, and emotional, but also very mature when it comes to communicating with her loved one. In such a case, the marriage might be perfect since there is no scandals, just clear communication.

Loyalty and faithfulness are clearly important. Men and women love it when their significant others are loyal and faithful. It’s a secret to a perfect marriage and a happy life. The most loyal women are very attractive to guys who want to create families.

How To Find A Wife

Which Country Has The Most Successful International Marriage Rate?

Centuries ago, international marriages were limited to the elites. A while later, international marriages have become popular, especially among ladies from developing regions and men from developed places. Pretty women would put their applications to special magazines to find men from other regions who would want to marry them.

That’s why today, most websites for serious relationships among people from different countries are called mail order brides. The term has a positive meaning contrary to many beliefs. It enables men and women from various countries to get married and become happy in love.

Today, the most popular regions to meet wives are Asian, East European, and Latin American areas. International marriages are popular even among celebrities, you definitely can come up with several examples. One of the reasons why international marriages are gaining popularity is due to globalization. There are lots of men thinking about where to find a wife and to be happy. Many of them seek on the Internet since it’s accessible.

Tons of interesting and effective websites help men and women to find their love. Moreover, these websites and apps are very specific. You can find a perfect app to meet a gorgeous beauty from the country you prefer.

The best place to find a wife would be a country where women meet your marriage requirements. Any single man may find a place where women are amazing, beautiful, loyal, and meet other personal requirements. Today, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Korea, China, Japan, India, and other countries are pretty popular among men from the US. There are lots of other best countries to find a loyal wife.

Why American Men Prefer Foreign Countries To Find Wives?

It’s worth mentioning that not only American men seek women from other continents. It’s a fairly popular trend among men and women all over the world. For instance, today, everyone has heard about k-pop, which increases the interest of Asian people in general.

It’s all because of the globalization process. We see people from other regions. We can communicate with citizens of other cities via Facebook, various forums while traveling. Even online games help people to communicate with each other. As a result, we become more aware of people from other places and their traditions.

Sometimes we feel that people from other regions are better for us when it comes to getting married. It might be one of the reasons why men from the US are curious about meeting ladies from other places. We can communicate via different apps, and when traveling, so we see that some people are more suitable for us.

The easiest way to meet someone from another country is to use an international dating website. There are a plethora of options to choose from and to meet love. Here are some advantages of using these apps:

  • Accessibility – available in all regions mentioned in the article.
  • Efficient matchmaking – no swiping, just connecting singles due to their preferences.
  • All singles looking forward to establishing serious romantic relationships.
  • You won’t disrupt your routine.
  • Easy and fun to use.
  • Less expensive than constantly organizing trips to certain regions.

If you like the idea to find a bride from abroad, then you are not the only one! It’s an extremely popular trend, and singles are lucky to meet the love and happiness they deserve. If you are wondering which country is the best for an American to find a wife, then below you can find some interesting ideas depending on your preferences.

Top 15 Countries To Find A Wife

If you are serious about falling in love and getting married, you are interested in the best country for a foreign wife. Here is a top-15 list of the most preferred regions to meet a bride:

  1. Brazil
  2. Mexico
  3. Colombia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Russia
  6. Belarus
  7. Lithuania
  8. Poland
  9. Korea
  10. Japan
  11. China
  12. India
  13. Bangladesh
  14. France
  15. Italy

Note, there is a myriad of other amazing places to meet a girlfriend and fall in love. That’s why it might be wiser to categorize the places to meet brides to find out which nationality makes the best wives. Most people divide the best foreign women to marry to continents or regions.

For instance, when it comes to European brides, they are divided into Eastern and Western European brides. Then there are brides from Asia, Latin America. There is no just the best country to meet a wife, there are multiple options, which is amazing!

Best Eastern European Country To Find A Wife

If you are thinking about how to find a good wife, consider Eastern Europe as a place to meet gorgeous and beautiful brides. Here are some interesting options to choose from.

  1. Estonia
  2. Lithuania
  3. Russia
  4. Ukraine
  5. Belarus

If you were thinking about the question “what country has the best wives?”, then the answer might be one of those countries. Slavic ladies are famous for their special beauty and personalities. They are strong-willed and hard-working but very feminine and loyal.

Best Asian Country To Find A Wife

As it was mentioned, many singles today are attracted to amazing Asian people. It’s not just about k-pop, considering that there are also beautiful ladies from India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries. Here are several nice examples:

  • Korea
  • China
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Kazakhstan

Asian ladies are feminine and delicate. They are different and exotically beautiful. One of the most charming traits of these gorgeous ladies is their respect for other people. It’s in Asian culture to be respectful to other people and to be polite. These ladies could be very straight-forward, but they are still polite and nice to other people.

Best European Country To Find A Wife

As it was mentioned, people tend to divide singles from Eastern and Western parts of Europe. Ladies from West Europe are a bit different from ladies from East Europe. They prefer getting married a bit later, closer to their thirties. But they are still very loyal, charming, and beautiful. Here are some popular destinations:

  • Italy
  • France
  • Sweden
  • Belgium
  • The UK

Ladies from Western Europe are beautiful and loyal when they want to settle down and create a family.

Best Latin Country To Find A Wife

Ladies from Latin America are known to be passionate, sexy, and beautiful. They are also family-oriented and loyal. Naturally, a lot of men are attracted to these beauties. Here are some countries that are the most popular among American men:

  • Mexico
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Cuba
  • Argentina

Wives from these best countries are the most faithful women in the world, plus, they are very beautiful.

Best Country To Find A Wife

Where To Meet A Foreign Wife

Traveling is an enjoyable but expensive option. Here are some other ways to meet a future bride:

  • Ask your friends to set you up – they might know foreign ladies.
  • Ask your co-workers – just like in the situation with your friends, your co-workers might know some foreign women.
  • Use dating websites – but only those that are dedicated to serious international dating. You can also use some reliable local apps if they have filters by nationality – just choose the nationality or ethnicity you prefer, and you might meet a local woman with foreign roots!

As you see, there are various options to meet a wife from abroad! But when seeking a bride, try not to use the “where can I buy a wife” request. You can only find a bride, these sites never offer such options.


Love has no boundaries – we all know that. Thanks to globalization. We can learn more about other cultures and countries. As a result, we have a lot more options when it comes to marriage. You can try using some dating apps to see whether it works for you.

When it comes to choosing a wife, it’s important to understand your own requirements. You may even write down a list of traits that you value in women. And when you know clearly what is a perfect wife in your case, you can start seeking a foreign lady.

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