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Best Ideas In 2022 To Meet Asian Women

24 January 2022
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It’s completely understandable when men want to meet Asian women – ladies from Asia are extremely attractive and charming. But what to do if you don’t live in or travel often to Asia? In this case, you still have options to meet single Asian ladies. Thanks to modern technology and globalization, you can follow your dream of meeting a charming lady from Asia.

If you are wondering where to meet Asian ladies and believe it’s achievable only in Asia, you aren’t entirely right. Yes, you may simply travel to Asia and meet a beautiful Asian woman, but you may have surprisingly easier methods of finding a lady from the mentioned region. In this article, you can learn ways of meeting Asian women. Some of the mentioned options in the article won’t even require you to leave the country!

Why Would You Want To Meet Asian Women?

Before you dive into your exciting journey to meet Asian women for marriage, figure out whether dating ladies from Asia is for you. When dating or building serious romantic relationships, it is important to consider the mentality, personality peculiarities, views of each person in a couple. You may have clashing personalities, or believe in different views, etc. In this case, your romantic relationship might not work well.

If you are determined to meet Asian lady and start dating, check whether she fits your ideal of a romantic relationship. Here are a few reasons why you might want to find Asian women to start dating:

  • More givers than takers. Ladies from Asia don’t just take everything they can in a relationship, they prefer giving love, care, and warmth to their partners.
  • Traditional culture. Ladies from the mentioned region prefer traditional relationships over casual dating.
  • They prefer having families with kids.
  • It’s always fun to spend time with charming Asian women.

If you are into traditional dating when a man is leading in the relationship, then you will love dating girls from Asia. These beauties are tender, delicate, love romance, and they certainly know how to have fun. If you have plans of getting married soon, consider dating beautiful Asian women, they are perfect in your case.

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A Description Of An Asian Woman

Before you figure out ways of how to meet Asian women, check out a detailed description of a typical Asin woman. Considering that the most popular countries among foreigners are China, South Korea, India, and Japan, you can check out each typical lady’s description below in the related section of the article.

Dating In Korea

If you wish to meet Asian girl because of the rising popularity of k-pop culture, then you need to learn more about a typical Korean girl. Here are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • Family-orientation.
  • Respect for the elderly.
  • The need to chat over local apps.
  • Friendliness.
  • Attention to detail and social status.

In Korea, it’s important for men and women what brands you prefer, how you look, how you behave. It might seem like superficial things to be bothered about, but that’s the way it works in Korea. On the bright side, Korean ladies are attracted to foreigners and believe it’s easier to build romantic relationships with men from abroad.

Dating In China

When it comes to Chinese ladies, the key facts to note are similar to when talking about Korean girls:

  • Prefer serious romantic relationships and marriage.
  • Respect older people.
  • Work hard on achieving goals.
  • Easy to chat with.

Overall, Chinese girls prefer marriage over casual dating. These women become perfect wives in a traditional sense. But they have strong personalities, and despite delicate looks, they can and will overcome any difficulties in life.

Dating In India

When you meet an Indian woman, you can see that she is:

  • Into serious romantic relationships.
  • Is more of a giver than a taker.
  • Prefers traditional gender roles.
  • Isn’t against taking care of children and the household.
  • Is intelligent and wise.

Modern ladies from India prefer trying to meet men from abroad to have a more balanced relationship. Ladies everywhere in the world want to be loved and appreciated, and Indian men, especially in rural areas, aren’t famous for giving that.

Dating In Japan

If you meet a lady from Japan, she will most likely have the following description:

  • Family-oriented.
  • Respectful and polite.
  • Interested in serious romantic relationships.
  • Hard-working.
  • Believes in traditional gender roles.

Dating a Japanese lady is pretty easy since the dating culture isn’t much different in Japan. These beauties have an amazing sense of humor, know how to have fun, and become amazing and loyal wives.

Ideas Of Where To Meet Asian Women

So, now that you know more about Asian women, how to meet Asian ladies? You have a plethora of options, some may even be surprising for you. The best way is to combine several methods to achieve maximum success.

Check Diasporas

If you want to meet pretty Asian women who want men for serious romantic relationships, you may consider checking if there are any Asian diasporas in your city. If you live in the US or Canada, you may likely meet some gorgeous Asian women. It’s one of the easiest options, and you don’t even need to leave the country to travel or move out.

Ask Friends And Relatives

As it was mentioned in the previous paragraph, if you live in the US or Canada, it is most likely that there are Asian women in your city. You may ask your relatives or friends whether they know someone. You might be surprised, but it could work out for you.

Moreover, your relatives and friends most likely want you to be happy – unless they aren’t your friends in actuality. So, it’s one of the best ideas since your friends would recommend someone worthy of your attention so you could find your happiness and fall in love.

Seek At Work

If you work for a big company with several departments, you may not know everyone who you work with. Consider saying to your colleagues something like this: “I want to meet an Asian woman, do you know anybody?”. Your colleagues may know someone from work, or they even have single friends who are interested in dating. Your co-workers can hook you up with someone worthy.

Use Online Dating Websites

Is there the best place to meet Asian women? Probably not, but online space might offer something great. Online dating is becoming more and more popular these days. It’s even more needed now after the covid breakout. More people have started dating online because of the quarantine.

You can consider online dating too. First, it was popular before the quarantine since this method produces a lot of marriages and serious relationships. Second, if you are attracted to Asian women or ladies from other countries, it might be the only way to meet someone you wish to date.

Travel To Asian Countries

The best way to meet local Asian women is to travel to Asia. The method might have flaws. For example, you can’t tell whether ladies you meet want to date foreigners, or whether they have serious intentions. Some ladies won’t believe you meet them while you have serious intentions since you are in the country temporarily.

Websites To Meet Girls From Asia

If you are interested in online dating, you need to choose reliable dating apps or websites. Here are a few options to use if you are into gorgeous Asian women.


AsainDate main page

If you wish to meet beautiful Asian women, consider AsianDate. It’s a dating platform that caters to the interests of singles willing to meet love. It’s a serious romantic dating app, so make sure you have serious intentions.

Free features Viewing profiles, using filters, and benefiting from basic matchmaking.
Prices $10 for 20 credits.
Contacting members Through messaging, sending digital gifts, using icebreakers.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate is available.

Asia Friend Finder

AsiaFriendFinder main page

The current website is a perfect choice if you wish to meet someone meaningful to establish romantic relationships. It’s an international dating platform where single men and women from various countries meet love.

Free features Viewing profiles, using icebreakers, using search filters, getting basic matchmaking recommendations.
Prices Has Gold and Silver subscriptions. The Silver plan is cheaper, its cost is $15 for a month. When you buy a longer subscription, you get discounts.
Contacting members Through texting, video calls, icebreakers.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate is available.


AsianDating main page

If you wish to meet pretty Asian women looking for men from abroad, then consider AsianDating. It’s a platform where singles meet love. It caters to the interests of people who wish to establish serious romantic relationships and meet like-minded individuals.

Free features Viewing profiles, using search filters, sending winks.
Prices Has Gold and Plating memberships. The Golden plan is cheaper, goes for $30 per month, $20, and $10 per month for 3 and 12 months, respectively.
Contacting members Messaging, using icebreakers, chatrooms.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate is available.


RomanceTale main page

If you wish to meet Asian girls for serious romantic relationships, then check out RomanceTale. It’s a mail-order bride website with millions of profiles of ladies from Asia. It has only useful features, so you pay for quality.

Free features Viewing profiles, using filters, and benefiting from basic matchmaking.
Prices 20 credits cost $10.
Contacting members By texting, requesting meetups in real life, voice calls, icebreakers.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures HTTPS certificate is available.

Top Free Site To Meet Asian Women

One of the best dating sites to meet Asian women or ladies overall is Tinder. Millions of people have already met their loved ones through Tinder. If you are traveling and visiting Asia, you may use Tinder to meet single Asian women. The app has its flaws because you can’t use the search filter to meet ladies from Asia. But if you live in a multinational country, you can have luck and meet an amazing lady to fall in love and start dating.

Free features Everything except for a couple of boosts and special features (rewind matches, counter matches, etc.).
Prices Can be used 100% free of charge or pay if you wish to have special features unlocked.
Contacting members Through texting, voice and video calls, icebreakers, when getting a mutual match.
Discounts When purchasing longer subscriptions.
Safety measures Has a Safety Policy Center.


So, is there the best way to meet an Asian woman? Probably, not since every person feels comfortable with different things. But if you combine various methods, you can meet beautiful Asian ladies sooner.

If you live in a multinational country, it would be a good idea to ask your friends or relatives whether they know someone. Even if you are positive they don’t, it’s still worth a shot to ask. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that some of the people you know have various connections.

If you don’t live in such countries as the US or Canada, then one of the best ways to meet Asian women is to use dating apps. Dating apps are less expensive than traditional dating, and in some cases, they are free of charge. So, give it a try and create an account!

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